Rhythmic Gymnast Son Yeon Jae Is Still The Same Weight 4 Years After Her Retirement – Here’s Her Secret Tip

You can also take classes at her newly opened studio!

Son Yeon Jae is set to appear on an episode of JTBC’s The Great Veteran on the 27th of July, 2020. On the episode, she guests to aid the cast on how to maintain a slim body figure, something she was known for as a successful rhythmic gymnast.

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Son Yeon Jae has been retired from the industry for 4 years now – and yet her body remains as trim as ever! When asked for her secret, she revealed that she maintains her physique by keeping up with ribbon choreography. The ribbon, an essential part of rhythmic gymnastics, is a competition component Son Yeon Jae was known for. She has since adapted the routine to continue it as a form of exercise.

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She uploads her routines for ribbon choreography on her YouTube channel. Check out her dance moves to IU‘s “Blueming” below! She now operates both gymnastic and dance classes at her studio in Seoul, Leap Studio. You can take classes under her for an average of ₩250,000 KRW ($209 USD) for three 50 minutes classes.

Son Yeon Jae explained that ribbon choreography, was something she had made up by incorporating the ribbon routines with familiar K-pop songs such that people could easily follow it. Previously, during her active seasons, it was reported that her diet consisted of yogurt, salad and fruit for breakfast followed by chicken breast or fish and fruits for both lunch and dinner.

| @son_yeonjae/Instagram

It is not easy keeping up with one’s looks as one progresses into later stages in life! Son Yeon Jae revealed in 2017 that she would be retiring to continue with her studies, and enrolled in the prestigious Yonsei University. Although Son Yeon Jae is still young at the age of 24, she admirably makes sure to keep up with exercise consistently.

Source: Hankook Ilbo and Dashin