Here’s The Song That Caused The Songwriter In ITZY’s Chaeryeong To Jump Out

Chaeryeong is a multi-talented queen, and she’d definitely serve as a songwriter!

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong revealed the song that inspires her everyday to become a songwriter ASAP!

Chaeryeong | @KBS Kpop/Youtube

Chaeryeong recently sat down with KBS to share her playlist that goes perfectly with the chill autumn weather, and her playlist included many hit songs from artists such as Baek Yerin, Sunmi, and more!

Sunmi’s “pporappippam” 

Her playlist also included IU‘s 2019 hit song “Blueming”, and Chaeryeong could not stop praising the song for being a perfect fall number!

IU | LOEN Entertainment

This is a great song too. Makes me feel overhwhelmed…during the weather…this cool weather!


Chaeryeon then revealed that after listening to “Blueming”, she was so inspired by the lyrics and melody, it made her want to write songs like this too!

Listening to this song impresses me, and makes me think, ‘Oh, I want to write one also!’


All MIDZYs everywhere are definitely waiting for songwriter Chaeryeong to slay them all someday soon!


Watch her talk about it here!

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