Song Ha Yea’s Past “K-Pop Star” Evaluation Resurfaces In Light Of Her Chart Manipulation Controversy

Netizens are looking back at her beginnings.

Since the shocking reveal of vocalist Song Ha Yea‘s alleged chart manipulation evidence, her most brutal evaluation stage from the 2012 K-Pop Star Season 2 resurfaced.


At the time, Song Ha Yea was heavily criticized by both J. Y. Park and BoA who graced the show as the main judges representing JYP Entertainment and SM Entertainment.

Song Ha Yea in 2012’s “K-Pop Star Season 2”


During the first round of evaluations, J. Y. Park commented that he doubted Song Ha Yea “knows her own voice” — after pointing out that she imitates IU and Rihanna instead of showing her own colors.

You cannot sing if you do not know your own voice.

— J. Y. Park


BoA also opted to vote against Song Ha Yea, stating that she was “no longer interested in Song Ha Yea’s singing”.

For me, I decide whether I send a contestant on to the next round or not by asking myself if I want to hear that contestant singing again or not. And personally, I’m not too curious about what you’ll sing next. You’re only imitating other artists. It’s going to be a no from me.

— BoA


Though Song Ha Yea faced such ruthless evaluations, she passed the round thanks to YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk and his “Wild Card” chance to save her from elimination. Post K-Pop Star Season 2, Song Ha Yea ended up debuting in 2014 as a solo artist with Annyung Music Entertainment — an agency which has since shut down. It was in January 2019, when she transferred to her current agency PLUSMedia Entertainment. By May 2019, she released “Your Regards” — which charted at #9 on MelOn four months later in September 2019. This skyrocket effect in the song’s ranking is what ignited the suspicion that she manipulated the chart. Netizens continue to remain skeptical at Song Ha Yea and her agency’s claim that they are innocent.

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Source: THEQOO