Song Ji Hyo Hilariously Creates Chaos On “Running Man” After Saying Kim Jong Kook’s Money Is Her Money

We cannot with her 😂

Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo have been making headlines for their chumminess on one of the recent episodes of Running Man, exciting fans for their “coupling.” As the two Running Man members played the games prepared for the episode, it was one particular game that caught the eyes of all the viewers.

Song Ji Hyo (left), Kim Jong Kook (right) on “Running Man” | SBS

On the episode, the coupled up pairs had to act out what they believed real-life couples would be like for one segment of the game. Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo were coupled up so naturally, chaos ensued over their acting.


When the time came to pay for their dues at the end of the game, Song Ji Hyo commented that she would “pay with Kim Jong Kook together.” This garnered a hilariously gruntled response from the other Running Man members, as they asked why she would do such a thing. However, it was her answer that garnered an even hotter response from her fellow members.

Oppa‘s [Kim Jong Kook] money is my money, and my money is oppa‘s money.

— Song Ji Hyo


Song Ji Hyo’s response is a commonly used phrase by married couples or soon-to-be married couples, as it insinuates that the couple’s bank accounts will now be joint. This may be the reason why the response from her Running Man cast members was even greater than expected.


Tune into the most recent episode of Running Man to check out the scene in question!

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