Song Ji Hyo Literally Saved Kim Jong Kook’s Butt Before His Award Speech

Not all heroes wear capes.

At the SBS Entertainment Awards, Kim Jong Kook took home the grand prize for his role on popular variety shows such as Running Man and My Little Old Boy.

But when he got up to accept his award on stage, fellow Running Man member, Song Ji Hyo literally saved his butt.


As soon as Kim Jong Kook took off, she noticed a mask hanging from Kim Jong Kook’s butt.

So she moved like a ninja and snatched it right off him.

She was so quick about it that you barely even notice her save the day.

If she hadn’t done what she did, Kim Jong Kook could’ve been in for an embarrassing moment.

Netizens are praising Song Ji Hyo for her swift action through enthusiastic comments.

  • She’s just so considerate.
  • I thought she was sneaking up to rip off his name tag.
  • How fast she took that off is so cute.

What a hero!

And she didn’t need a cape to prove it.

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