Song Ji Hyo Shared Her Thoughts On Marriage And The Possibility Of Leaving “Running Man”

She revealed how she’ll be spending her 40s.

Actress Song Ji Hyo opened up in an interview where she revealed her honest thoughts about turning 40 and what that meant for her thoughts on marriage and Running Man.

Song Ji Hyo turned 40 in international age this year. She confessed that she doesn’t put much of an importance on the concept of age and is completely happy with where she is now.

I don’t set concepts to age. The only hard part about becoming forty is that your rate of recovery is slower. I’m happy right now because I feel like I can do more things. I feel like I’m now able to feel things that I haven’t been able to before.

I can challenge myself to do it and think about it, so I like myself much more right now.

— Song Ji Hyo

As per the conservative culture of Korea, she was asked when she plans on getting married. But Song Ji Hyo broke the norms by confessing that she has no plans to marry yet. She’ll be open to the thought if someone worthy comes along, but she’s happily content with her solo lifestyle!

It’s still hard to take care of myself, so I can’t take care of anyone else right now. I’m fine with my current lifestyle. I love it.

Unless someone who I feel can change my mind comes along, I’m very happy at the time being. I love being with my dog.

— Song Ji Hyo

Considering how the Running Man cast have seen physical tolls of being on the show for 12 years, the interview also commented on continuing the rigorous filming in her 40s.

Song Ji Hyo revealed that she’s been thinking about how she’ll be spending her 40s and mentioned that even if she may stop filming Running Man, she’ll be working hard on other projects.

I’m not usually the one to think about these things, but as I end my 30s, I wonder how I’ll be spending my 40s.

Even if I’m not filming Running Man in my 40s, I believe I’ll be working hard on something else.

— Song Ji Hyo

Whether she’s in her 20s, 30s, or 40s, Song Ji Hyo continues to live her best life as she takes control of her lifestyle to focus on her career and happiness!

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