Song Joong Ki Went Back to Straight Hair, and It’s Truly a Dream Come True

Feast your eyes on this.

The YouTube channel, Swoon recently shared a video of the Arthdal Chronicles cast participating in a photoshoot, and Song Joong Ki‘s visuals took the spotlight thanks to his changed hairstyle.


In contrast to the curly hair he flaunted in the drama, Song Joong Ki came out with straight hair styled into the comma shape, and he has never looked better.

Of course, what truly completed his handsome visuals was his flawless face and a simple fashion choice that gave him an elegant vibe.

And as if that wasn’t enough to steal a million hearts, the way Song Joong Ki struck various poses for the camera made it very difficult to look away.

Song Joong Ki’s visuals make it so that he looks good in just about anything, but the “comma hairstyle” sure makes him shine extra bright.

Check out the mesmerizing video below:

Source: Insight