Recent Photos of Song Joong Ki Are Circulating in Korean Online Communities

Not even a hat and mask could hide Song Joong Ki’s handsome visuals.

A post containing the most recent photos of Song Joong Ki is circulating in online communities due to his handsome visuals.

The photos show Song Joong Ki smiling at the camera while sporting a hat and mask.

Despite his outfit being very casual and nothing special, his handsome face shined so brightly that it couldn’t be hidden beneath the hat and mask he was wearing.

Just as many other photos have done, these photos made fans doubt that this man is actually in his 30s.


It’s been reported that these photos were taken when Song Joong Ki went to see a play starring his Spaceship Victory co-star, Jin Seon Kyu.

Earlier this year, Song Joong Ki was spotted in photos taken with his Spaceship Victory co-stars, confirming that he’s looking good and hard at work.

In light of the recent announcement that Song Joong Ki will be leaving his agency of 7 years, Blossom Entertainment, fans are anticipating what this amazing actor will bless them with in the years to come.


Source: Insight