[★EXCLUSIVE] Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo Are Taking Wedding Photos, And We Found Out Exactly Where They Are

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo recently embarked on a private trip, and Koreaboo has the exact details of where they went and what they did!

As previously reported, the main photographer of their shoot was Hong Jang Hyun.

Source: @hongjanghyun

He’s famous in the Korean entertainment industry, with A-list celebrity friends like CL.

Source: @hongjanghyun

His assistants for the shoot included Chung Ji Sang, a photographer based in New York…

Source: @jisangchung

Eric Darius Nazarian, a photographer based in California…

Source: @ericdna

Akeel Nelson, a videographer with Jamaican roots…

Source: @hustle_city_akeel

And Yang Joong San, a photographer from Korea.

Source: @yangjoongsan

A fan spotted Song Joong Ki and the crew staying at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Source: @genovevamelina

The Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious accommodations in the Bay Area.

They began filming at Golden Gate Park, famous for its historical beauty.

Source: Joe Burke

And continued on to Mill Valley California.

Source: @ericdna

Their shoot ended on September 7 at Calistoga, California.

Source: @jisangchung

From the staff’s Instagram posts, it’s safe to say that their photos involved stunning scenery…

Source: @jisangchung

… and a lot of bubbly balloons!

Source: @hustle_city_akeel

After getting a glimpse of the Song-Song couple’s wedding photo locations, fans can’t wait to see how gorgeous the final pieces will turn out!

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