The Moment Actor Song Kang Ho Knew “Parasite” Director Bong Joon Ho Would Become Famous

He predicted it even before Bong Joon Ho became a full director.

The friendship between actor Song Kang Ho and the Parasite director goes so far back that Bong Joon Ho was an assistant director at the time. But even then, Song Kang Ho knew Bong Joon Ho would become famous and shared the heartwarming moment when he realized it.

Actor Song Kang Ho and director Bong Joon Ho. | Julie Cunnah/FilmLinc

When Bong Joon Ho and Song Kang Ho first met and agreed to work on a project together, it ended up falling through. They didn’t lose hope, though.

Bong Joon Ho wanted to work with Song Kang Ho so badly that he left a touching message on his pager (a small electronic device that beeps when receiving a message) that he still remembers until this day.

He said that he really, really wanted to work together. And though not this time, on the next project he really wanted to.

— Song Kang Ho

The message made Song Kang Ho’s day because he could feel Bong Joon Ho’s “heartfelt sincerity, courtesy, and respectfulness.

That’s when he realized that Bong Joon Ho would “become someone” important in the film industry. Years later, Song Kang Ho accepted the script for Memories of Murder and became the film’s lead actor.

A few years after, when he gave me the script for ‘Memories of Murder,’ I had nothing to think about and immediately accepted the role. Because of that beautiful memory and image of getting that message.

— Song Kang Ho

The two close friends then went on to make many films together, including the hit Parasite.

Before Bong Joon Ho even became a full director, Song Kang Ho recognized his kindness and dedication as traits of someone who’d become successful.

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