South Korea Now Offers Poop Gummies… Because Why Not?

Here’s how they look & taste.

A South Korean confectionary brand Weeny Beeny has released one wild product…

… that comes with a visual customers can never forget!

Their “Poop-Shaped Gummy” (똥모양구미) is — as self-explanatory as that sounds…

… a poop-shaped gummy snack that tastes like Coca-Cola!

Customers who’ve unleashed their brave souls to try this gummy revealed that the packaging even includes a wet wipe…

… that inevitably boosts the theme!

Available at Korean GS25 convenient stores…

… this shockingly fun gummy snack is quickly becoming children’s most-wanted!

Curious? Watch this YouTuber’s review for a closer look:

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Source: THEQOO