Soyou And Hani Use Lie Detector, And Learn Something Shocking About Their Love Life

They never expected this information.

During Soyou x Hani’s Beauty View, SISTAR’s Soyou and EXID’s Hani played around with a lie detector, as well as asked an expert about their future love life.

Soyou began by admitting that she had her love life fortunes read a few months back, but received bad news at the time. In hopes of a change, she asked the tarot reader for some good news.

But the tarot card reading wasn’t what she expected…

“It’s true… You don’t have any [luck in love this year].

You may meet someone but it’s a complicated relationship. At the end of it all, he won’t be [your boyfriend].”

— Tarot Card Reader

Thankfully, the tarot cards revealed that Soyou will have great fortunes financially in the new year!

“You chose very good cards. You’ll see a profitable result this year but it may come a bit late. You’ll continuously have good income this year, as well.

A change will happen in April. It will be different than your normalcy or perhaps a vacation break.

In May, you’ll be able to fulfill a wish thanks to the help of someone near you.”

— Tarot Card Reader

The tarot card reader also looked into Hani’s upcoming love life… and once again the girls were shocked to find no luck.

“It’s the same… You don’t have any [luck in love this year].

I only see women in your fortunes.

You’ll try your best to make something work but… there won’t be anything for you this year.

You chose the rock bottom card..”

— Tarot Card Reader

At the end of their reading, the girls decided to focus on their work and to keep each other company in 2018!

Hani had previously tested Soyou’s devotion to their friendship when she put Soyou to the lie detector test. She asked, “Were you scared when you saw the ‘Soyou x Hani’ balloons?’

Soyou’s answer of “No” came out as a lie, but Soyou swears that she’s totally in love with Hani and is excited about how their friendship will grow through the show!


Watch Soyou and Hani’s tarot card reading below: