Finally, Here’s Some Genuinely Healthy Weight-Loss Advice From The “#BodyGoals” Idol Of K-Pop

Her tips are safe and realistic!

Soyou, formerly of SISTAR, is praised for her slender yet curvaceous figure. Often dubbed as having one of the “best bodies in K-Pop,” she once shared her best fitness tips with eager fans.

Her guidance is realistic, healthy, and can help you achieve your own fitness goals.

Tip #1: Don’t follow whatever a celebrity does.

If you want to succeed in losing weight, it’s most important to find an excercise that works for you, and something you can do for a long time.

Soyou explains an example of how some people love yoga and it works for them, but because she doesn’t enjoy it, she cannot sustain it longterm. The key is to find something that you can be consistent with.

Tip #2: Say goodbye temporarily to your friends.

I wrote it on my status update. ‘I’m on a diet, do not contact me.’

Even if it is a bit sad at first, you can have a stricter diet by not going out to eat with your friends all the time.

This doesn’t mean you can never go with them, just try to go less frequently so your progress is not interrupted. Also, remember it is only temporary while you’re losing weight.

Tip #3: Ditch the scale and look for physical changes to measure your progress instead.

Say no to your scale, say yes to full-length mirror and photos.

She says it is easy to get discouraged by the number on the scale when it seems your hard work hasn’t paid off.

However, progress takes time. Instead, looking for changes in the mirror in or in photos can give you motivation and strive for real results, without obsessing over a number.

Tip #4: Spot reducing fat is impossible.

If you want to lose weight in certain body parts, you should work out the whole body.

On the contrary, it’s impossible to keep fat in certain areas as you lose weight.

When women lose weight, their breasts and bottom also lose weight. They get smaller, nothing can be done about it.

Soyou suggests more weight training rather than cardio to lose weight while preserving your curves. This will give your body definition, shape, and also help boost your metabolism.

Watch Soyou’s full explanation of weight loss tips below!