Soyou Reveals The Unexpected Benefits Of Gaining Weight

We stan an honest queen!

Soyou recently revealed the unexpected benefits she received after gaining weight.

Soyou before gaining weight. | DAZED Korea

She revealed her recent interest in the American TV show Fit to Fat to Fit where personal trainers purposely gain large amounts of weight to lose simultaneously with their clients.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to do her own version of the challenge since she didn’t have many schedules and had no need to maintain her figure.

The first benefit that came immediately: She was soo happy to be indulging in such yummy foods daily!

Next, she revealed that eating more helped her fall asleep easier.

A “food coma” will put her right to sleep before she even knew what hit her!

She also discussed how gaining fat added to her curves.

Specifically, she loved the benefits it gave to her chest!


However, she also revealed the disadvantages, including feeling lethargic and not being able to fit into most of her clothes.

Despite the advantages, she decided to diet. Check out her diet vlog below!