SPICA’s Yang Ji Won Is Finally Being Recognized For Her Talent

Former SPICA member Yang Ji Won is living the life on The Unit by taking over the #1 spot!

During a recent episode, Yang Ji Won performed MAMAMOO’s “You’re The Best” with her members of the green team.

Green team’s flawless performance surprised all the audiences, as well as the other idols participating in the competition.

The audience voted for the best performer of the night, and Yang Ji Won killed it with the most votes!

Among the other talented competitors, she grabbed 90% of the audiences’ hearts in 30 seconds.

Yang Ji Won talking to fans who waited outside after The Unit.

After her experience as a member of SPICA, Yang Ji Won is finally being recognized for her stable vocals and stunning talent.

SPICA was an underrated girl group, composed of 5 members who each had undeniable vocal skills.

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Yang Ji Won was actually set to debut with some of the most popular K-Pop stars before joining SPICA!

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Netizens are happy to see Yang Ji Won taking another step towards the Top 9, who are given the chance to debut through The Unit.

Check out her complete performance below!

Source: Ilkan Sports