How To Spot A Real Vs. Fake BTS Army Bomb

Here are some tips!

With the popularity of BTS continuously on the rise, many ARMYs are purchasing ARMY Bombs to show support for the group.

credit: @jessicapalomar




However, this has also caused many fake products to rise in the markets, causing some fans to end up with dupes. Here are some ways to tell if your ARMY Bomb is real or fake!




The original packaging for the ARMY Bomb is usually very neat with the surface being really smooth. Each box comes with an ARMY bomb, guidebook, photo card, QR card, ARMY bomb pouch, and a strap.




The bottom of the box is folded nicely with no rough edges. With the fake packaging, the edges of the box do not look very neat and looks poorly made. There are also ridges on the surface of the box, making lines run through the packaging. The lines at the edges of the box stop right at the fold for the original, but run through the edges on the fake ones. Other parts of the packaging look pretty similar but the fake one does not have the sticker on the box but it does have it on the inside.




When looking at it from a distance, the height, grip, and logo on the ARMY bomb look pretty much identical.




When we look closer at the sticker on the light stick, we can see that there is a bit more information on the original.




Another detail is the slight gap at the top of the handle, while the original is smoothly connected to the top.




Another minor detail is that the original stick feels much smoother than the fake one.




When scratching the fake one, it makes a rough sound. The original doesn’t make any sound as it is very smooth.




The logo at the bottom of stick is the other way around on the fake one as well.




The button at the top are also a bit different in color, as the original is more of a dark pink while the fake one is a true red.




The beads inside the stick are also different with the original having more beads than the fake one. The beads in the fake one also stick to the inside of the bomb, while the original does not.The sounds when you shake the two bombs are also different.




When you turn on the stick, the fake one is much brighter than the original as well.




The Bluetooth options to change the colors of the bomb also only work on the original.




When looking on the inside you can see that there is a small round sponge for the battery of the original one. The bottom of the stick is also plastic on the original and a sponge texture on the fake one.





Take a look at the video below for more details on all the contents inside an ARMY Bomb product!