“Squid Game”‘s Jung Ho Yeon Once Stormed Off Set During A Modeling Competition — Here’s What Happened

You could cut through the tension with a knife.

Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon has been catapulted into true stardom, as she boasts incredible popularity ever since the premiere of the Netflix series just a couple weeks ago. However, longtime fans know that Jung Ho Yeon was a well-known model way before her acting career took off.

As her popularity continues to rise at an impressive rate, the model-turned-actress’s past is slowly being unearthed — and the most recent headline is from her previous modeling competition days.

Jung Ho Yeon.

Jung Ho Yeon once competed in a supermodel competition program called Devil’s Runway. The show featured veteran and rookie models, who competed in team battles for a chance to win ₩100 million KRW (about $84,400 USD). Top models Han Hye Jin and Soo Joo were brought onto the show to act as mentors for the competing teams.

Model Soo Joo (left) and Han Hye Jin (right) | On Style

While the show is from 2016, there is one particular segment of the show that is starting to gain traction following Jung Ho Yeon’s Squid Game appearance. The reason behind the sudden headlines is due to the tension that was built between Jung Ho Yeon and Han Hye Jin. Jung Ho Yeon was on Han Hye Jin’s team and for the mission that will be shown below, Jung Ho Yeon went up against her close friend and fellow model, Kim Jin Kyung.

Right off the bat, viewers could notice the closeness between Jung Ho Yeon and Kim Jin Kyung.

Even as the shoot began, the two continued to show off their friendship by laughing and seemingly enjoying their time together, making viewers forget that the show was about a competition.

During a shift in their positions, the cameras caught Jung Ho Yeon helping out Kim Jin Kyung with her short skirt.

After seeing the friendliness of the two competing models, Han Hye Jin couldn’t help but reveal the start of her frustrations at what she was seeing.

I understand that they’re close, but I wish they wouldn’t show it off like that. They’re in a situation where one person has to do better than the other.

— Model Han Hye Ji

It was during this specific moment where Jung Ho Yeon was seen helping Kim Jin Kyung with a difficult foot placement that Han Hye Jin reminded the Squid Game actress that this was a competition.

Mind your own business.

— Model Han Hye Jin to Jung Ho Yeon

The harsh words naturally garnered a bit of a response from Jung Ho Yeon, as she explained the situation in an interview.

Honestly, I got really really upset because Jin Kyung’s skirt was really short so I helped her hold it down. She was also wearing really high heels and her feet looked like they were in pain so I helped her with her shoes as well. But she [Han Hye Jin] tells me to ‘mind my own business.’

— Jung Ho Yeon on “Devil’s Runway”

The harsh words of Han Hye Jin continued, as the veteran model told both of the models to “stop conversing. Stop coaching each other and focus on doing well on your own.” as they finished their shoot together.

Upon concluding the shoot, all of the models went to see the outcome of the photos. As they monitored the pictures, Han Hye Jin made a comment stating that photoshoots “should not be conducted with friendliness.” It was following the veteran model’s comment that Jung Ho Yeon couldn’t hold her frustrations in any longer, as she walked off the set.

While this was all resolved during their time on the show, this particular portion was tension-filled to the max. You can check out the Devil’s Runway segment featuring Kim Jin Kyung, Jung Ho Yeon, and Han Hye Jin down below.

Source: WikiTree

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