The Glass Master From “Squid Game” Once Sought Answers About His Son’s Tragic Death On “Unanswered Questions” 

There were many things that didn’t add up.

The rise of Squid Game seems to have no end, as the series and the actors continue to achieve success like never before. As the K-Drama soars into uncharted territory, one of the actors and his past has started to make headlines once again for its heartbreaking story.

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Meet actor Lee Sang Hee or player No.017 in the Netflix original series. The actor played a glass specialist in Squid Game and predominantly appeared in episode 7 of the series, where the game’s contestants were forced to cross over a glass bridge.

Actor Lee Sang Hee in “Squid Game” | Netflix

The actor, who has been in the industry for over a decade, has started to make headlines for his previous appearance on SBS‘s Unanswered Questions. The show’s premise is about seeking the truth behind unsolved mysteries and other controversial cases within the nation. With that being said, back in 2016, Lee Sang Hee made an appearance on the show to pursue answers about his deceased son.

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Lee Sang Hee revisited his past Unanswered Questions appearance on a recent episode of YouTube channel’s Recent Olympics. It was here that the actor shared the heartbreaking situation with the viewers.

Still of Lee Sang Hee’s “Unanswered Questions” episode on “Recent Olympics” | YouTube

Back in 2010, Lee Sang Hee’s oldest son passed away suddenly while he was studying abroad at a Los Angeles high school. The actor’s son was hit and knocked down by a fellow Korean student, Mr. A at the school’s gym. While he was taken to the hospital following the incident, Lee Sang Hee’s son was declared brain dead and passed away just a few days later. His son was only 19-years-old at the time.

Lee Sang Hee’s son.

The actor pressed charges at the time of his son’s death, but the Los Angeles police department did not prosecute Mr. A stating that he was acting “out of self defense.” They claimed that it was actually Lee Sang Hee’s son who threw the first punch.

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Three years later, the bereaved’s family requested a relaunch of their son’s death following the arrival of his body in South Korea. Before the burial, they performed an autopsy once more and it was here that it was revealed that Lee’s son died of not a brain hemorrhage, which was what the Los Angeles police department declared, but rather a heart attack from the cerebral hemorrhage he suffered from the attack.

While Mr. A had previously admitted to hitting Lee’s son, he was declared innocent since his “intention was not to kill.” However, following the autopsy results in South Korea, the court was able to find a direct correlation between Mr. A’s attack and Lee’s son’s death. Following the new autopsy, Mr. A was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his hand in the actor’s son’s death.

Lee Sang Hee’s son.

This entire story was shared on a previous episode of Unanswered Questions, which broke the hearts of all the viewers who had tuned in to the episode.

Still from “Unanswered Questions” | SBS

What a tragic situation. May Lee Sang Hee’s son rest in peace.

You can watch Lee Sang Hee’s full interview with Recent Olympics down below.

Source: WikiTree and Chosun

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