SSAK3 Suffers Unexpected Hate From Netizens For “Unfairly” Sweeping The Music Charts

“I can imagine just how deprived other idols must feel.” – Netizen

SSAK3 from MBC‘s Hangout With Yoo has officially debuted, and they’re literally sweeping the music charts in Korea with their debut songs “In Summer” and “Summer Ocean Again“.

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Not only did they top the music charts with their songs, but they also appeared on MBC’s Music Core and absolutely slayed their new songs live on stage.

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SSAK3 is a trio made up of veteran celebrities, Lee Hyori, Rain, and Yoo Jae Suk.

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And while many are ecstatic that the group has brought back old 90s vibes with their undying talent, some netizens and small entertainment agencies are criticizing SSAK3 for unfairly taking over all the music charts.

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Some representatives from a small entertainment agency even expressed,

It’s a situation where there are singers who can’t go on a music program even if they wanted to. So it’s an unfair game right from the start.

– Representative


And some netizens agreed while accusing the group of taking away opportunities from their younger idols.

  • The singers who worked so hard on their new albums probably feel so discouraged.
  • It’s not a fair game since they’ve already claimed all of the recognition and awareness from the public.
  • Shouldn’t they give up the opportunity to their “hoobaes”?
  • I can imagine just how deprived other idols must feel.
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On the other hand, other netizens are coming to SSAK’s defence.

  • Consumers aren’t stupid. If the songs are good, they listen to the songs no matter who the artist is.
  • Why are they blaming SSAK3 for this?
  • This just goes to show how good SSAK3’s songs are.
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SSAK 3 recently announced that they’ll be donating all of their profits from their album and activities to help the needy.

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Check out SSAK’s performance on MBC’s Music Core below:

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