Idols Reveal Their Most Terrifying Stage Experiences — And It’s Not For The Faint Of Heart

From embarrassing moments to near-death experiences, these stories are insane.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Both Korean idols and entertainers can face accidents when performing on stage.

Whether it’s an embarrassing moment like a wardrobe malfunction…

…or a more serious injury, what happens on stage can truly be unpredictable.

On “Happy Together,” celebrities shared some of their darkest stories. SHINee’s Taemin began by choosing a moment that is more hilarious than scary.

We were promoting “Sherlock” and had a lift on stage for a cool performance. I did a split during the highlight after being shot up from the lift.

— Taemin

Taemin explains the fans and cameras are all looking at him when suddenly he split his pants — right down the middle.

The dance moves are rough on tight pants.

— Taemin

Huijin, Former Baby VOX member, also shared her dangerous experience that went viral online.

It was the top ranked clip that circulated for years after we disbanded.

— Huijin

The members were to stand on a spinning turntable and make a sexy and smooth entrance.

The turntable was supposed to turn and then stop at the right timing. We were making cool and sexy poses but we ended up in “The Matrix.”

— Huijin

The turntable was out of control and sent the members flying. Huijin explains that she almost fell off the stage entirely.

However, the members still got up and sang!

Magician Hyunwoo also shared his disturbing near-death experience that is not for the easily disturbed.

After saving up for over 10 years to afford the royalties to perform a levitating illusion, something went horribly wrong.

I practiced flying around the theater … and I suddenly fell from 4 meters up.

— Hyunwoo

The gruesome details of his injury were incredibly severe.

The bones in my left hand to shoulder were crushed. But the amazing thing is that it didn’t hurt at first when I fell. I said ‘I feel fine.” Then I noticed my bone popping out.

— Hyunwoo

Luckily, Hyunwoo was able to recover and perform the illuision safely a year later. Listen to all of their stage mishap stories and more below!