The Staggering Number Of Times SISTAR Would Perform In A Month

“It was nonstop.”

SISTAR‘s Bora and Hyolyn recently reunited, making their first comeback in 11 years as their popular sub-unit, SISTAR19.

SISTAR’s Bora (left) and Hyolyn (right) | @sistarsistar/Instagram

To celebrate their comeback, the members appeared on fellow second-generation K-Pop idol Kim Jaejoong‘s talk show, JaeFriends.

During their episode, they discussed what they’ve been up to since SISTAR disbanded in 2017, the origin of their sub-unit SISTAR19, the reason Hyolyn stopped filming her YouTube show, and more.

(From left:) SISTAR’s Hyolyn and Bora, and Kim Jaejoong | uhmg/YouTube

SISTAR quickly became known as K-Pop’s “summer queens” and had many successful hits under their belt from the seven years they promoted together.

Since they had so many well-known hits, Jaejoong wanted to know if they performed at events year-round or only seasonally.

Bora responded that it was almost “all year round,” explaining that after the group finished performing on music shows, they would head straight to an event to perform.

Afterward, they prepared for their next album release and repeated the cycle.

Jaejoong wanted to know how many events the group did in a day, and though Hyolyn initially answered three, Bora added that it was sometimes four events in a day.

Hyolyn explained that they would often perform far away from Seoul and stop by other events on their way back home. Other times, they would perform at four consecutive college events in Seoul.

Jaejoong quickly did the math, realizing the group performed a staggering 50-60 events per month, which SISTAR19 confirmed was “about right.

Jaejoong joked that one could say they got Starship Entertainmentup and running.

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