Starbucks Tweeted At TWICE… This Is How TWICE Responded

Starbucks, your inner ONCE is showing…and we likey likey it!

When Starbucks went full ONCE on Twitter, TWICE rewarded them with the best possible response.


It all began with this ONCE’s post. In it, she speculated what new menu items might appear if TWICE and Starbucks did an edible collaboration.


Starbucks saw the menu and replied with the truest statement ever typed.


Their response quickly went viral, catching TWICE’s attention. The super popular girl group made Starbucks’ day by replying these parody lyrics to “What Is Love?”.


In response, Starbucks posted the next line of “What is Coffee?” (while screaming internally).


Fans are loving the interaction…


…and have come up with the perfect ship name for TWICE and Starbucks.


They have also created an unofficial banner for TWICEBUCKS, hoping that this collab will become a reality.


In the meantime, fans can enjoy Starbucks’ fantastic replies to ONCEs.


This isn’t the first time Starbucks has unleashed its inner K-Pop nerd on Twitter. Recently, Starbucks also jumped aboard the MONSTA X meme train by posting this reply to a MONSTA X fan.


Starbucks was referring to this much-memed Hyungwon moment, which many fans have been using as a reaction gif.

Fans love how sassily Hyungwon sips his Starbucks!


Like TWICE, MONSTA X has replied directly to Starbucks in the best possible way.

Have you ever seen so much attitude in one tweet?


Not long ago, Starbucks also expressed their love for BTS through this spot-on poem.

The poem used all the members’ names in the sweetest way possible, and it flowed so smoothly just like a Starbucks latte.


First BTS, then TWICE, and now MONSTA X! Which K-Pop group will Starbucks stan next?


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