“Start Up” Actor Kim Seon Ho Once Attended An EXO Concert For D.O. — Here’s How It Went Down

Who knew they were friends?

It’s no surprise that EXO‘s D.O. is close with Start-Up actor Kim Seon Ho! The two once starred in drama 100 Days My Prince together.

| theqoo

In fact, they were so close that Kim Seon Ho was invited to EXO’s concert, along with other actors. He once shared an adorable anecdote about his experience at the concert. He started off by saying that he was “looking for the area where the actors were gathering” but there were no free seats around him.

| theqoo

However, as he walked around, he saw that there were many fans, from middle school to high school, even college-aged students. Later on, as he heard many people refer to D.O as “our Kyungsoo”, due to the familiarity of address, he assumed that they were all acquaintances of D.O himself! It was only later that he realized most fans refer to their idols with “our”.

| SM Entertainment

Humorously, when he met up with actor Kim Jae Young who was also a concert guest, he concluded that due to the amount of fans EXO had, their drama would never ever flop! Kim Seon Ho is now starring in Start-Up alongside Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk, while D.O. is serving in the military.