“Start-Up” Kim Seon Ho Used To Act In Plays … Here’s Heartwarming Fan Accounts From His Rookie Days

He was incredibly kind to fans.

For those not yet in the know, Start-Up actor Kim Seon Ho got his start on Daehak-ro (street in Korea where theaters are located), acting in live-action plays! Over the years, he transitioned into acting on the big screen once he secured a contract with an entertainment industry. But his longtime fans still remember his beginning years, where he was always kind to fans. Here are some heartwarming fan accounts from his rookie days.

Once, a couple of fans were gathering around him and having a conversation with the actor. One fan then handed over a cup of Starbucks that she bought for him. Upon seeing the drink, he looked at her shyly while saying “thank you~“. Fans were touched as he drank it immediately.

Another fan recalls, “last winter when I went to watch a play, there was a chance to shake hands with him. I told him I was sorry as my hand was cold, but he said that it was okay as his hands were warm, and held my hands tightly. This isn’t a dream and it isn’t made up. I wanted to show this off in hopes he will hit it big.

| theqoo

Fans were also touched as he used to take personalized videos for fans who came to see him during the plays. In this particular one, he tells the fan, “you have to study, but don’t forget me.

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Fans mentioned that he did everything fans asked him to do, whenever they caught him after plays.

Many are heartened to see that the humble actor has now made it big! Be sure to catch him as Han Ji Pyung in Start-Up!

Source: theqoo