Cute Versus Chic – The Difference Between STAYC’s And aespa’s Off-Stage Outfit Styles Sends

They’re all beautiful.

STAYC and aespa are both the rookies to watch in 2020, with both teams doing well right off bat. Although some friendly competition may be inevitable when it comes to the music charts, off-duty, both groups are just your friendly, adorable teenaged girls! Netizens have noticed however, the stark difference between the casual styles of both teams.

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While aespa is dressed too impress with leather jackets and fur…

… the STAYC girls looks cute and warm in padded jackets.

The girls looks just like teens out on a school field trip! How adorable.

aespa stole our hearts with their impeccable fashion sense and chic vibes!

Netizens are chalking up the difference in styles to the fact that the STAYC girls are all younger than the aespa ladies. aespa’s members range from being born in 2000 to 2002, while STAYC sits around 2001-2004!

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One netizen also pointed out that as the girls are still rookies, they’d want to dress to impress. However, it’s predicted that by their second year into their careers, they’d give up style for comfort and start dressing in sweats.

Whatever it is, both teams look flawless! Congratulations to them for their successful debuts.

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