STAYC’s Isa, Yoon And J Almost Debuted With Different Stage Names

We’re kinda liking J’s though.

Previously, the girls of STAYC shared that their group name was almost, not STAYC. Some contenders included “Molar”, “Favorites” and even “Oriental Girls”! In a recent live stream, Isa shared that their CEO, Brown Eyed Pilseung, had other stage names in mind for some of the members as well. While Seeun, Sieun and Sumin debuted with their birth names, J, Isa and Yoon were given stage names.

1. J

J’s real name is Jang Yeeun, but she debuted with the stage name, “J”. It was revealed that her stage name was almost “Cindy”! Netizens have commented that “Cindy” is not a bad option as well.

2. Isa

Isa’s real name is Lee Chaeyoung. However, it is possible that they changed her name due to the multiple Chaeyoung’s in the industry! A contender for her stage name was “Lily”. She personally shared this during her birthday live stream.

3. Yoon

Fans have always been asking for Yoon to change her stage name back to her real name, given that “Yoon” is rather hard to search up given that many celebrities have the character “Yoon” in their names. Her real name, Jayoon, is a fan favorite for being unique yet pretty. Her stage name however, was apparently almost “Kiki”.

Which name is your favorite? Personally, they all seem to match the girls well.

Source: theqoo