STAYC’s Seeun Reveals Her Biggest Insecurity — And Fans Totally Disagree

Many fans love this about her, but she’s not a fan of it.

STAYC‘s Seeun is known for her stunning, princess-like visuals…but even someone as beautiful as her has insecurities!

Praised for her beauty by netizens even prior to her debut, it’s hard to name any of her “flaws.” However, Seeun named a specific feature she has complex about.

She once admitted that she’s self-conscious about the size of her nose.

Fellow member J‘s expression and disbelief mimic the reaction of most people when they hear Seeun talk about her insecurities!

Seeun thinks her nose looks big, but many netizens disagree, stating that her face is harmonious because of her big and pretty features.

Seeun’s complex shows that when it comes to judging ourselves…

…we’re all our own worst enemies!