STAYC Sieun’s Dad Slays In His Cover Of “So Bad”

He’s not called “Korea’s Michael Jackson” for nothing!

STAYC is a rookie girl group that has gained much attention even before their debut. However, some may not have known that member Sieun‘s dad is actually a legendary singer!

Park Nam Jung is well-known by many older Koreans as a legendary dance musician and was often called “Korea’s Michael Jackson.” However, the younger generation sees him more as Sieun’s dad!

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On February 17 on MBC every1‘s South Korean Foreigners, Nam Jung was asked to give advice about the entertainment industry to his daughter.

In the past, I used to give her a lot of advice. But these days, she gives me a lot of advice. She gives me advice on trendy music, dance styles, and facial expressions. I am learning a lot and have been practicing idol dances lately.

—Park Nam Jung

Of course, MC Kim Yong Man immediately had to ask Nam Jung to perform STAYC’s debut song, “So Bad” for the audience! Nam Jung agreed but insisted he wear his face mask to hide his embarassment.

To some fans’ surprise, he absolutely killed it!

As soon as the episode aired, fans took to the internet to share his dance and praise it.

Watch the full clip below!