STAYC’s Sieun And Isa Wreak Havoc On Set Of “RUN2U”

The unexpected chaos makes for funny stories!

In a recent video posted to their YouTube channel, the members of STAYC sat down and gave behind-the-scenes information and fun facts about the filming of their music video for their recent comeback “RUN2U.”

Seeun took on the role of MC, asking her members specific, often teasing, questions.

One of Seeun’s questions was directed at Sieun and her solo part of “RUN2U’s” music video where she is filming in a set designed like the inside of a train.

STAYC’s Sieun | STAYC/YouTube 

Seeun tells Sieun that she “heard [Sieun] showed off [her] superhuman strength and put everyone in shock.”

STAYC’s Seeun | STAYC/YouTube 

Sumin instantly chimed in, correcting the statement to “Sieun destroyed the set.”

(left to right) STAYC’s Seeun, Sieun, Isa, Sumin, J, and Yoon | STAYC/YouTube 

As she was hanging on to part of the set, she accidentally pulled the handle off the wall.

| STAYC/YouTube 

Sieun then admits it is true, but she was simply just hanging onto the handle. So the fact that it broke really surprised her.

| STAYC/YouTube 

But Sieun accidentally breaking the set with her strength wasn’t the only unexpected part of STAYC’s filming.

Seeun’s next question is for Isa, whose solo part in the music video was shooting arrows to break out of a glass bubble.

STAYC’s Isa | STAYC/YouTube 

According to Seeun, the “rumor has it that [Isa was] aiming at the director.”

| STAYC/YouTube 

And when she asks Isa if the rumor is true, Isa is quick to deny it.

| STAYC/YouTube 

She explains that the arrow was very tight, and since she was actually shooting it for the scenes, she was surprised by the difficulty.

| STAYC/YouTube 

She kept trying to shoot the arrow to the extent that her muscles hurt the next day, and she got calluses on her hands, but the arrow kept falling disappointingly.

| STAYC/YouTube 
| STAYC/YouTube 
| STAYC/YouTube 

On one of her better attempts at shooting the arrow, Isa missed the direction the arrow was supposed to travel, and it went towards the director by mistake.

| STAYC/YouTube 

Yoon jokingly asked if the director caught the arrow like a character in an action movie.

But Isa says that the director dodged it instead.

| STAYC/YouTube 

But even though STAYC’s filming for “RUN2U” may have been unintentionally chaotic and definitely funny, the music video turned out incredibly well.

You can watch the music video for “RUN2U” here.