STAYC’s Sumin And TXT’s Soobin Could Be Best Friends, Here’s Why

There’s one major thing they’ll definitely bond over.

If you’re a fan of TXT‘s Soobin, you know there’s one artist that he never stops fanboying over. That artist is none other than Bebe Rexha, who turned him from just a fan to possibly collaborating with each other. Soobin isn’t the only one enjoying her music, either.


STAYC‘s Sumin recently voiced how much she was a fan of Bebe Rexha as well, making everyone imagine Sumin and Soobin becoming the cutest best friends.


When Sumin was asked which foreign artist she wanted to collaborate with, it didn’t take long for her to share one she was a major fan of.

Sumin selected Bebe Rexha and gave a cute message to the artist that sounded exactly like something Soobin would say. In English, Sumin adorably said, “I love you, and I want to collaborate with you.

After seeing the clip, fans were loving the idea of the two bonding over Bebe Rexha and becoming besties. They didn’t waste any time making edits of Sumin being a total fangirl like Soobin. That wasn’t the only thing that had fans convinced, either.

While Sumin once mentioned listening to TXT’s “Our Summer”, Soobin delighted fans by dancing to STAYC’s “ASAP” during one of his live broadcasts.

Between their common interests, being fans of each other, and only a year difference in age, Soobin and Sumin could be the cutest best friends.

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