STAYC’s Leader Sumin Reveals Her Three Best Aegyo Moves

These three moves are too cute too handle!

In an interview with ESQUIRE Korea, popular rookie group STAYC revealed several facts about themselves. In one portion of the interview, the girls were asked “Who is the cutest member like a baby in the group?”

| @STAYC_official/Twitter 

The girls were a bit hesitant on who to pick and who can blame them? They’re all so cute. In the end, leader Sumin was chosen as the cutest member.

Fellow member Sieun gave an explanation as to why she chose Sumin as the group’s “baby” member and said “She’s very cute. She acts cute a lot”

Curious, the interviewer of course asked Sumin to prove her aegyo title. In order to confirm Sumin as the cutest member, she was asked to demonstrate 3 of her best moves.

Sumin displayed a shy response and said “what should I do?” Which was already adorable.

She then showed us her first move of cute bunny years/peace signs:

Then made an adorable heart shape with her hands

And finally used a cute pose for her last move:

Clearly, Sumin proved she is worthy of the “cutest member” title.

Check out the whole interview below:


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