Still In Sync: 4 Former IZ*ONE Members Accidentally Matching On The Same Day

What are the odds, right?

Our favorite girls from IZ*ONE seem to have an uncanny and absolutely endearing synchronicity that goes beyond their days in the same girl group. In a delightful twist, four former members – Chaeyeon, Yena, Sakura, and Chaewon were spotted sporting the same SAMO ONDOH GLOBAL bag on the same day at Music Bank, making us all bask in some sweet nostalgia.

Yena, Chaewon, Sakura, and Chaeyeon | Girlswalker

Called “Pocket Mug Bag” by the Korean brand, the shoulder bag costs $165 and offers a range of colors to choose from. Yet, silver — the color the idols picked — seems to be the most popular choice.


In a live broadcast, Chaeyeon spilled the beans on the striking coincidence. Sharing the same waiting room with Yena, she realized they had brought the same bag, albeit in different sizes. However, at home, Chaeyeon had a bag identical to Yena’s in both color and size. What’s even more amusing? All four of them ended up choosing the same silver color from an array of different options. Is it really a coincidence, or does this hint at their still harmonized taste, even post-IZ*ONE?

Chaeyeon revealed that she received the bag as part of a sponsorship deal, where she was given the freedom to choose her preferred color. Seeing how silver was the trend and most popular, it may not be much of a surprise that the quartet ended up opting for the same color. But the true kicker is this: all four using the bag on the exact same day AND being photographed in almost identical poses. Talk about being in sync!

Not missing a beat, SAMO ONDOH GLOBAL decided to capitalize on the unexpected attention and updated their website’s product listing, touting it as “Sakura, Chaewon, Chaeyeon, Yena’s Pick.” Who wouldn’t want to grab a bag that’s been unanimously chosen by these style icons?


But there’s more to this story! The coincidence was not lost on the girls themselves, just like it wasn’t on their fans.  Chaeyeon took to Instagram to share a collage of the four members, each striking a similar pose while sporting their matching bags. Her caption, “a fun day and precious people” is bound to tug at your heartstrings, reminding us all of the love these girls continue to have for each other.

This unexpected matching moment definitely served up a generous dose of ‘feel good’ vibes, reminding us of the unique, almost telepathic bond these girls share. It’s a testament to their friendship, reminding us that though IZ*ONE may not be together anymore, the bond between the girls is as strong and lively as ever.


This delightful coincidence has fans thinking (and hoping) maybe this is the universe’s way of hinting at a future collaboration! While that might be wishful thinking, for now, fans are simply enjoying this unexpected reunion of style and waiting for more such moments in the future.