Stokes & Friends Podcast Offers BLACKPINK’s Jisoo The Sweetest Gift To Congratulate Her On Her Efforts In Learning English

This gift and the reason behind it was so thoughtful.

With all of BLACKPINK‘s success internationally, they’ve been interviewing in English a lot more frequently. For Jennie and Rosé this isn’t a problem, since they’re both fluent in English. Lisa is less fluent, but still conversational, while Jisoo speaks very little English, so it’s a lot harder for her to participate in English interviews. Many interviewers have been called out by BLINKs for not giving Jisoo a translator and/or allowing one of the other three girls to translate for her, resulting in her not speaking much or at all.

BLINKs Are Volunteering To Translate For Jisoo Just So They Can Hear Her Voice

Stokes of Stokes & Friends: KPOP with T.H.I.S. Podcast, however, decided to make sure Jisoo knew that her efforts to learn English have not gone unnoticed. After interviewing the girls for his May 8 podcast, Stokes offered each of them gifts. Saving Jisoo for last he offered her a “Harmony charm” and said he was giving it to her because her English is so beautiful it sounds like “two birds singing”.

BLINKs know that Jisoo has been working diligently to learn English to connect deeper with international BLINKs with the help of her English-speaking members. With or without being fluent in English, BLINKs all over the world love Jisoo exactly the way she is.