The Story Behind Leeteuk’s Father’s Murder-Suicide That Drove Him Into Depression

Leeteuk was very open about his heartbreaking past.

Leeteuk gave a speech at a high school in Kyungjoo, South Korea where he opened up about his depression and his father’s last spiteful words to him.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk made a speech at a local high school in the town of Kyungjoo titled, “There is no hope without despair” and during the moving speech, he revealed that he has been battling depression.


He began by discussing his time in the military when he began suffering from depression.

“I was suffering from depression when I heard the news that my father and grandparents had passed.” — Leeteuk


Media and police reports at the time confirmed that it was a murder-suicide. Leeteuk’s father and grandparents had been found dead in their residency, on the 6th of January 2014.

Leeteuk at the funeral of his father and grandparents.

It was reported that Leeteuk’s grandparents had been suffocated to death by their own son, the reason being “that he could not afford to take care of them.” Leeteuk’s grandfather had been suffering from dementia and his grandmother had been suffering from some form of cancer.


Leeteuk went on to talk about his father who, at the time of his passing, had passed on to him a debt of 5 billion won. Along with the debt, his father left him a spiteful last message.

“Do you truly believe you achieved success all by yourself?” — Park Yong In’s message


As a result, his depression worsened to a point where the military suggested an early discharge based on illness. Ultimately, Leeteuk decided to finish his service.

“After discussion with SM Entertainment, it was decided that I would stay and finish my services. — Leeteuk


He also revealed that his life was very tough after the army. He sold his car and accepted every job he was offered in order to clear his father’s debt.

“I am telling you my family story to tell you that a celebrity’s life is not all that it seems, it is filled with despair and sadness much like everyone else’s.” — Leeteuk


He ended by saying that his depression has gotten significantly better. He is currently battling the condition through group activities and talking to his members.

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