The Story Behind Sohee’s Jean Shirt Has Fans Praising The Star For Her Frugal Ways

Sohee broke a common misconception people have about stars.

Sohee recently updated her Instagram with new selfies where she was seen sporting a casual jean shirt that she totally slayed.

| @ssoheean/Instagram

The photos do a good job at showcasing Sohee’s natural beauty, and the jean shirt she wore complimented it perfectly.

| @ssoheean/Instagram

But what gained the attention of fans was the story behind Sohee’s jean shirt.

| @ssoheean/Instagram

It’s been revealed that the jean shirt she still wears to this day was often worn by Sohee 10 years ago when she was active as a Wonder Girls member.


Sohee is famous for being one of the top fashionistas in Korean entertainment, so fans couldn’t help but express their surprise at the fact that Sohee wears a piece of clothing for a long time.

| @wondergirls/YouTube

10 whole years in this case.

After finding out about this very relatable trait of Sohee’s, fans are responding positively with comments such as “It still looks so new after 10 years“, “It still looks so good on her“, and “It’s clear she’s a fashionista because the shirt is still on-trend“.

| @ssoheean/Instagram

Just because she’s a successful fashionista doesn’t mean she has to wear new clothes all the time, right?

| @ssoheean/Instagram

Fans have found yet another reason to stan Sohee even harder.

| @ssoheean/Instagram

If you’re dying to see more of Sohee, you can check her out in OCN‘s Missing: The Other Side this coming August.

Source: Insight