The Story Of An IU Fan Who Bought Stocks 12 Years Ago Just For Her, And Hit The Jackpot

He only bought the LOEN stocks to support IU.

The story of a male fan of IU who only brought LOEN Entertainment stocks 12 years ago to support IU went viral in online communities.

The post included a screenshot of the 4 shares he had in Kakao M which at the time was worth 260,500 won (~$215 USD) per share, so the IU fan owned nearly $1000 USD in shares.

But it wasn’t Kakao M stocks that the fan bought, but rather LOEN Entertainment stocks from 12 years back in 2010.

At the time, 5 LOEN Entertainment stocks cost around 30,000 won (~$25 USD) and he loved IU so much during her “Good Day” days that he wanted to know the feeling of being a shareholder of her company.

And thanks to IU’s crazy success, LOEN Entertainment saw a consistent rise and later became a subsidiary of Kakao M in 2016.

Due to the company shift, 5 LOEN Entertainment stocks turned into 4 Kakao M stocks and although it maintained a consistent price of around 100,000 won (~$83,000 USD) per share for a while, it jumped to 260,000 won(~$215 USD) per share in 2020.

As a result, the 30,000 won(~$25 USD) that the IU fan invested 12 years ago turned into 1 million won (~$826 USD), which is over 30 times the purchase price.

In the post the IU fan expressed,

The stocks that I bought for 30,000 won 10 years ago turned into 1 million won. If I had a time machine, I’d go back in time to 2010 and buy 1 million won worth of LOEN stocks.

— IU Fan

Whatever his profit might be, the IU fan was surely rewarded for showing his support for his favorite idol!

Now that’s what you call a true fan.