The Story Of A K-Pop Idol Who Was Abandoned At Birth, Had Multiple Failed Debuts, Yet Still Pushes On To Pursue His Dreams

He wants to become successful for his parents.

Many K-Pop idols go hardships throughout their careers, but this one idol’s story is one that doesn’t seem real.

The idol is Lee Hangyul, and he has quite the backstory, where he was abandoned by his birth parents when he young.

Hangyul didn’t understand the concept of parents until he got adopted when he 7 years old. Hangyul has received great love from his family, so they are the reason he pushes to be successful.

Hangyul also had a tough time in his idol career, where he’s endured multiple hardships. Hangyul originally debuted in 2017, where he was a part of the group IM. The group didn’t have a very successful debut and have only released one song. It’s currently unknown if the group will continue or not.

Hangyul then participated in The Unit, which was an idol rebooting show. The purpose of the show was to give attention to already debuted idols who didn’t receive much attention. The final nine members of the show would become a project group called UNB. Hangyul ended up placing 13’th, so he couldn’t debut as a member of UNB.

Hangyul got a lot of his fame from participating in Produce X 101, where he was praised for his great talents. Hangyul ended up placing 7’th in the finale, which made him a member of X1.

Unfortunately, X1 ended up disbanding less than a year later due to the Produce scandal. Hangyul will soon be debuting in a duo called H&D with Nam Dohyon, who was also a member of X1. Despite all these hardships, Hangyul is still pursuing his dreams, where he hasn’t given up yet.


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