The Storyline You Might Have Missed Across TWICE’s Music Videos

Did you catch the hidden storyline about alien TWICE visiting Earth? If not, cheer up!

While TWICE has been consistently feeding ONCEs content since their debut, it’s easy to look forward toward their newest release rather than looking back.

But for those who’d like to take a quick look to the group’s older catalog, have you realized that many of their music videos take place in the same universe?

In fact, looking closer uncovers that there’s actually an overarching storyline seen across multiple videos!

The Origins: “Cheer Up”

While not 100% apparent at first glance, in hindsight “Cheer Up” is the video that starts the storyline by introducing a mysterious spaceship and the “camera guy,” both later seen in “Signal.”

The spaceship is seen only in the “Avengers” video of the song.

Meanwhile, the “camera guy” is seen in the regular music video.

Although some elements introduced do play a part later, overall “Cheer Up” is pretty much removed from the main storyline seen in subsequent videos.

The Story: “TT”-“Knock Knock”-“Signal”

The main storyline can be seen across “TT,” “Knock Knock,” and “Signal.”

Although “TT” was released first out of the bunch, “Knock Knock” actually takes place earlier, functioning as a prequel to the main story.

In “Knock Knock,” the girls are seen flipping through a storybook that has images of each of their Halloween outfits worn in “TT.” They later disappear and the end of the music video, to where we later learn is the haunted mansion in “TT.”

Similarly, the video’s end tag introduces the two children who later appear in “TT,” along with including music bearing striking similarities to the opening notes of “Signal.”

In “TT,” we see what happens after the girls are transported from their house in “Knock Knock.” This music video definitely shows that the girls might be otherworldly beings, as the video shows mystical and magical things happening to the girls. Throughout the music video, we get major hints that the girls might actually be the ones behind the “spookiness” that plagues the mansion the two children stumble upon.

This line of thinking is made more apparent in “Signal,” the final video in the storyline.

The girls explicitly display various powers throughout the music video, a clear signal (pun intended) that the events of the previous linked videos likely happened in part due to their powers.

As mentioned above, the “camera guy” from “Cheer Up” appears again in a short scene while the spaceship is seen at the end of the video – bringing the girls’ alien crush home.

It’s at the end of the video where we see why so many magical and unbelievable things have happened around the girls. Turns out, they are aliens and have been the whole time.

The Ending: To Be Continued?

Why they decided to come to Earth is unknown, as TWICE has yet to continue the storyline past “Signal.”

However, elements of the “fantastic” live on in some of the group’s other videos, such as “Heart Shaker” and “Candy Pop.”

In any case, while we might not get an answer behind TWICE being on Earth, based on their adventures across these various music videos, they sure had a good time visiting our planet.