Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gives Advice To A Fan Who Wants To Cry All Day

This will warm your heart!

Stray KidsBang Chan is one sweet idol, as he’s always giving great advice to fans.

During one live broadcast, a fan asked him, “Chan, is it bad that sometimes I just wanna cry all day?” Bang Chan then gave a heartwarming reply, as he said, “No, there’s nothing’s wrong with that.”


Bang Chan connected to this fan and feels that everyone has had a day where they just want to let all their emotions out.

There are days like where you just wanna, you know, let everything off.

— Bang Chan


If a person wants to cry all day, Bang Chan believes that there’s always a reason why, such as holding onto stress.

On a day like that, there’s probably a reason why you feel like that. There’s probably a lot of things that you’ve held onto.

— Bang Chan

Bang Chan believes that holding onto stress can be dangerous.

If you just hold onto all that stress and all those thoughts inside you, it’s gonna hurt your body. It’s gonna make you do stuff without you knowing. It’s gonna ruin you.

— Bang Chan


That’s why Bang Chan thinks it’s beneficial for everyone to have a day where they just let all their emotions out, as it would help get rid of built-up stress.

Having a day just full of crying, just letting everything go is something that I recommend. I think everyone needs a day like that.

— Bang Chan


Source: VLIVE

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