Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gives Fans Advice About Stress And How He Deals With It

He’s concerned for his fans’ mental health.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan is known for the thoughtful words of advice he gives to fans, including his speech on stress management.


For starters, he discusses how stress is normal. In fact, everyone and everything experiences stress since it’s hardwired into our systems, so it’s impossible to live a life completely void of it.

Stress is human nature … It’s actually a very natural thing. Animals can get stressed, as well. Plants can get stressed, as well.

— Bang Chan

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Next, he discusses how it doesn’t matter what exactly is causing you stress. From big situations to small mishaps, there are tons of reasons people can get stressed.

Whatever stress there is, there’s always a way of relieving it. The stress could be formed by work, society, a lot of thoughts.

— Bang Chan


His biggest piece of advice that works for himself?

It’s best to find something that makes you happy, makes you feel comfortable, and it just makes you think about something else … It sounds obvious, but it’s really helpful when you think about it.

— Bang Chan

His go-to methods of relieving stress include playing games to help “go to another dimension” or listening to comforting music on repeat. Everyone’s way of relieving stress is different, so he encourages fans to find a productive hobby that helps them.

Additionally, he discussed the negative repercussions of turning to self-harm during stressful situations and advised fans to stay away from the dangerous behavior.

| @realstraykids/Instagram

Watch his full heartfelt speech below!

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