Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gives A Fan Advice On Getting Plastic Surgery

His response was just what some fans needed to hear.

Many Stray Kids fans look up to Bang Chan, as he regularly uses his platform to discuss any issues they may have. He recently offered simple advice to a fan, but it was what a lot of people needed to hear.

During Ep. 157 of his “Chan’s Room” broadcast, one fan asked Bang Chan if they should get plastic surgery.

He answered the question with care. Fans often seek advice from the Stray Kids leader due to his strong emotional understanding, but he decided not to give a direct yes or no. Ultimately, it’s the fan’s decision. He stated that it’s not his place to tell anyone what to do.

Bang Chan made sure the fan knew that they should do whatever they wanted to do regarding getting plastic surgery.

Getting plastic surgery is a very personal decision, so Bang Chan made sure to communicate whether the fan receives a procedure or not, “I’m pretty sure you will look amazing anyhow.”

While plastic surgery can be a tricky topic to navigate, one fan was happy that he didn’t give the fan the standard answer of “don’t change yourself.”  Instead, he showed respect for making one’s own decision on the matter.

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He added not to worry and said, “do what your heart tells you to do.”

The advice that he could offer with confidence is that whatever you choose to do, try not to regret it since it’s already done.

He offered the key phrase, “Live a life with no regrets,” as a good quote to live by.

Living without regrets is easier said than done. It’s the advice Bang Chan also wants to take for himself. He wants to live without regrets, but he still has them. He’s human, after all.

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