Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Calls Himself Cringey For Showing Emotion, But Fans Aren’t Having It

“I was just really, really emotional.”

Stray KidsBang Chan is a source of comfort for many fans, from his kind words to his insightful advice. So, when he talks negatively about himself, fans are always ready to reassure him.

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During Stray Kids’ recent concerts, Bang Chan expressed his feelings toward the people around him in an emotional speech. Many fans found comfort in his words and his willingness to show vulnerability during that moment.

I’m going to protect you. Each one of you. I will protect you all. All the members, staff, fans. I’m gonna protect you all. No one set a finger on them.

— Bang Chan

However, Bang Chan recently expressed regret for his emotional outburst. During one of his “Chan’s Room” broadcasts, Bang Chan mentioned that he wants to live a life without regrets. Even so, he said, “I have a lot of things that I regret doing…”

As an example, he mentioned the concert moment. While it seems he didn’t regret the sentiment, he called what he said “cringey.”

Like even on the third day of the concert I regret ..well no I don’t regret oh well yeah I don’t know… I regret about the fact at how cringey it was. That’s something that I really regret.

— Bang Chan

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He laughed off his embarrassment by reflecting on how emotional he got, “I guess I was just really, really emotional.”

During fansigns, several STAYs reassured Bang Chan that he had nothing to be embarrassed about and his words weren’t cringey.

Twitter user @threerachans spoke to Bang Chan about their favorite concert moments, and he recalled his speech with embarrassment.

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I mean I didn’t know I’d get so emotional on the last day, but yeah. When I look back at what I said I don’t know it was just so cringey. I was like ‘oh my gosh, why did I say that?’

— Bang Chan

During their fansign, TikTok user @susanalowe expressed the thing many STAYs wanted to tell Bang Chan about his words. Fans will protect him just like he said he would protect fans. Other fans were grateful that the user had reassured Bang Chan that there was nothing cringey about his speech.

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Whether he believes it or not, Bang Chan has a whole group of fans ready to make him see how meaningful his words are, even if he finds them “cringey” in retrospect. Nothing is embarrassing about showing emotion.

Source: Twitter and TikTok

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