Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Was Asked Who The Loudest Member Is…And He Had An Unexpected Answer

Bang Chan gave a simple answer!

The Stray Kids members are truly one when it comes to their dorm life, at least according to leader Bang Chan.

Stray Kids’ Bang Chan
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In a live broadcast, Bang Chan got asked who the loudest member in the dorm is.

Bang Chan then gave an honest answer, as he said that there is no loudest member.

However, he gave a “twist”, as he then stated that every member is loud!

In fact, everyone in the dorm is so loud that the members feel sorry for each other.

Thankfully, the members seem to enjoy each other’s loudness because they’re all the same.

Bang Chan then got asked how he tells the members to be quiet, and he replied by saying that he doesn’t tell them to be quiet.

When the members are loud, they either get quiet naturally, or Bang Chan just joins them.

Bang Chan concluded by sharing that all the members share the same brain cells.

Source: V LIVE

Stray Kids

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