Stray Kids Bang Chan’s Birthday Gift From BLACKPINK’s Lisa That He Absolutely Adored

Now that’s a precious friendship.

Since the two have known each other since trainee days, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and Stray KidsBang Chan have a close bond. To celebrate that, Lisa gave Bang Chan a birthday present that he absolutely adored.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

During a live broadcast of Chan’s Room, Bang Chan talked about receiving a gift from an idol that was quite familiar to fans. He not only dropped hints that gave away who they were but also gushed over how amazing they were as an artist.

You guys probably already know who it is. I actually got it from someone who’s ‘Pretty Savage’. And someone who [has] so, so, so much talent.

— Bang Chan

He confirmed that it had been Lisa. Since his birthday was over two months before his broadcast, Bang Chan couldn’t resist joking like close friends do — but emphasized how thankful he was regardless.

Bursting into laughter, Bang Chan warmly said, “So thank you very much for the very LATE birthday present, but it doesn’t matter. Thank you so much.” Naturally, he shared what the gift had been.

Lisa bought him the very hoodie he was wearing. Bang Chan loved it so much that he said, “I think it’s my new favorite hoodie right now.” Eagle-eyed fans noticed he wasn’t the only one rocking the style.

Lisa had a similar black top by the popular brand Chrome Hearts. Fans loved how much they were giving off best friend energy with the matching styles.

| @super_manoban/Twitter

Though Lisa’s gift to Bang Chan was more than a couple of months late, it was definitely worth the wait from his happy reaction.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

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