Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals That BTS’s RM Is One Of His Role Models And Gives Him Ultimate Praise

A leader supporting another leader!

Stray KidsBang Chan is one of the best leaders in K-Pop, as he has shown his incredible leadership skills many times.

During a recent live broadcast, Bang Chan shared that he looks up to another great leader in K-Pop. The leader in question is none other than BTS‘s RM!

During the live broadcast, Bang Chan was listening to RM’s “Seoul” (produced by Honne), and he then started talking about how he looks up to RM.

You know he’s (RM) known to be one of the best leaders. I like to put him as one of my biggest role models as well. I think he’s one of the coolest guys out there. He’s really smart as well.

— Bang Chan

Bang Chan also stated that RM is one of the best leaders “out there” and was quite humble when talking about his own leadership.

I may not be, but he (RM) is one of the best leaders out there, so please put that in mind. 

— Bang Chan

Source: V LIVE

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