Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Knows Exactly Why Fans Trolled Him With NCT DREAM’s “Glitch Mode”

“STAY, you make fun of me with this song!”

During one of Stray Kids‘ fan signings, a fan couldn’t resist asking Bang Chan to join in on NCT DREAM‘s “Glitch Mode” challenge. There was a funny reason behind it.

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Bang Chan proved he knew all about fans’ jokes about him on an episode of Chan’s Room.

NCT DREAM promoting “Glitch Mode”.

After playing “Glitch Mode” for viewers, Bang Chan couldn’t wait to point out how much “STAY must know this song.

Bursting into laughter, Bang Chan said, “Because…as far as I know, STAY makes fun of me using this song.” Still laughing, he joked, “That is so mean.” Bang Chan knew why fans had chosen the song, though.

Bang Chan faced more than a few technical difficulties when the group celebrated their anniversary with a SKZOOM live. He admitted, “During the fourth-anniversary zoom live, I was on ‘Glitch Mode’.

While the rest of the members’ connections were strong and steady, Bang Chan was the only one who kept freezing. He explained, “I was on the other side of the world alone. …I was on buffering mode.

With fans’ “Glitch Mode” jokes and edits aside, Bang Chan thoroughly enjoyed the song and showed admiration for NCT DREAM.

I love this song so much. So, I wanted to recommend this song to you.

And NCT DREAM, they are so talented. I can’t help but compliment them. I respect them.

— Bang Chan

Source: Naver Live and Twitter