Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Has A Sweet Gift Giving Philosophy, But The Members Just Want Houses

Well, they are his kids.

Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan constantly proves that he is kind and thoughtful. Still, his members love to tease him; it’s just too easy.

During an episode of Stray Kids’ “2 Kids Room,” Felix and Bang Chan discussed gift-giving, and the latter mentioned his philosophy. Bang Chan likes to give presents with the hope that the receiver will use the gift well.

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Either that or something very meaningful based on that person.

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When Bang Chan asked Felix what he wanted for his birthday this year, at first, Felix said he didn’t know.

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But then he quickly changed his mind. Felix gleefully said, “Get me a house!” Bang Chan questioned why everyone asks him that.

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Felix then added, “Chan is ballin’.”

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It reminded fans of another “2 Kids Room” episode where Lee Know and Bang Chan also discussed gifts. Hyunjin had suggested that neither Lee Know nor Bang Chan is materialistic, instead they love to give. But then Lee Know demanded that Bang Chan help him buy a building.

This wasn’t even the first time a Stray Kids member asked Bang Chan for a big-ticket item. Previously Han also claimed that the eldest member would buy him a house, with a Han River view no less!

Of course, the members love to tease Bang Chan. They are his kids, after all! But who knows, maybe he really is “ballin'” as Felix suggests.

One thing’s for sure, the members are closer than close, so much that they’re almost creepily in sync. Read more here!

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