Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Gives Advice On Trying New Things

It’s also just good life advice.

Stray Kids‘ most recent album carries an important meaning. For Bang Chan, it contains advice for anyone who may need it.

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The album’s title, ODDINARY, is a play on the words “odd” and “ordinary,” that Felix says is Stray Kids’ way of telling the world that it’s okay to be odd.

Being odd is another way of expressing how to be ordinary in your own way. I feel like it really does give a good message and it’s very positive in every single way.

— Felix

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When asked what advice they have for younger fans who look up to them, Bang Chan looks toward ODDINARY.

First I’d like to emphasize the message that ODDINARY has—to look out for what you wanna do. There’s no right or wrong, but what I can say is if you are comfortable with what you’re doing and if there’s anything out there that you wanna try, just go for it. Have the experience and enjoy. I think enjoying what you do is most important for whatever you wanna try out.

When it comes to the music scene in particular, Bang Chan has a lot of experience. He’s a part of 3RACHA along with Stray Kids’ Changbin and Han, who are in charge of the group’s discography.

It makes sense that his advice is not to limit yourself. He says music is a good way to express what you want to say.

If there’s anyone out there who wants to try music, I think it’s really important, especially for music, to not control, to not contain yourself. Just really just let it out. Because whatever you wanna say, music is a really good opportunity for you to express that. And also, if you ever happen to become an artist, maybe we could meet up!

If that’s not a reason to try… Stray Kids expressed that their motivation comes from STAYs. It seems STAYs motivation could also come from Stray Kids.

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