Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Thinks Lee Know Looks Cute When He’s Mad, And It’s Easy To See Why

“It’s the cutest thing ever.”

As Stray Kids Lee Know‘s only hyung, it’s Bang Chan‘s job to show his younger member how much he cares. Lee Know’s so cute that he makes it easy.

In an episode of “2 Kids Room” that featured Bang Chan and Lee Know, Bang Chan explained that he loves when Lee Know is mad and comes to him to complain. Since Lee Know normally doesn’t talk about himself, Bang Chan finds this “so cute and loveable.” 

Stay Kids’ Lee Know (left) and Bang Chan (right) | Stray Kids/YouTube

Lee Know cheekily asked if Bang Chan has a “thing for people getting mad.”

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But unphased, Bang Chan stated, “It’s the cutest thing ever.”

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Lee Know then told him that he would no longer control his anger in dance practice, to which Bang Chan pointed out that he never does.

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In a more recent episode of “2 Kids Room,” the group discussed Seungmin and I.N. Lee Know mentioned both of these members are interested in clothes. But their online shopping habits had him stressed just thinking about them.

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As Lee Know tried to control his anger, he explained that when he goes home, he is met by delivery boxes.

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And he talked about how the deliveries from Seungmin and I.N’s online shopping end up in front of his door, something he’s not too pleased about.

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Lee Know’s face says it all. His dramatic facial expressions make it easy to see why Bang Chan finds him so cute.

Fans agree. When Lee Know is frustrated, he’s actually adorable.

To his other members, “cute” might not describe Lee Know’s anger best. Just ask Hyunjin. You can read more about Lee Know and Hyunjin’s friendship here.

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