Stray Kids’ Lee Know Puts Tissues In Hyunjin’s Mouth As A “Punishment,” But They’re Actually Really Close

They have an interesting friendship.

Recently Stray Kids fans witnessed what they thought they never would; Lee Know putting tissues in Hyunjin‘s mouth as a “punishment.” Surprisingly, the pair are actually very close.

Stray Kids’ Lee Know (left) and Hyunjin (right) | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Fans know of Lee Know’s soulmate status with member Han and his respect for his only hyung and leader Bang Chan. They see how cute of a duo Hyunjin and Felix are and how Seungmin is Hyunjin’s favorite singer.

When it comes to Lee Know and Hyunjin’s relationship, though, it’s less clear. They’ve grown closer over the years, but part of that development is based on relentless teasing.

In a 2020 live stream, Hyunjin revealed that Lee Know scolds him a lot.

But, only because Hyunjin teases the older member.

In the same VLIVE, Hyunjin mentioned a time when he teased Lee Know, who responded by quietly going to the bathroom.

When Lee Know returned, he put wet toilet paper into Hyunjin’s mouth.

The moment was “a mess.”

This year, in an episode of “2 Kids Room,” the other members confirmed that this incident wasn’t a one-time occurrence. If Hyunjin teases Lee Know…

…he responds by putting tissues in his mouth.

Recently, in a chaotic live, Lee Know showed fans exactly what that looks like in action…

…and shoved tissues into the unsuspecting Hyunjin’s mouth.

Fans couldn’t believe they’d witnessed the act after hearing about it all these years.

But, the tissues-in-mouth scenario isn’t the only way Lee Know has threatened to punish Hyunjin. Another method that Lee Know has suggested is putting Hyunjin in the air fryer to cook at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Later, when asked if Lee Know had succeeded yet, Hyunjin said “not yet.”

However, he then said, “If I tease him more, I guess I’ll be back as baked Hyunjin.” 

So, anything’s possible.

Despite their teasing, fans know that Lee Know and Hyunjin are actually really close and have become closer over time.

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Their friendship may not be conventional, but it just makes sense.

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